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Wiretap: Republican pundits say Hillary Clinton won the debate

Game over Focus groups be damned, the Republican commentariat seems to have conceded the Democratic race to Hillary Clinton. Charles Krauthammer says in The Washington...

Wiretap: Obama considers using executive authority to expand gun control

Gun control Obama is now considering expanding background checks for gun sales using executive authority, as Hillary Clinton had suggested. It's not clear who thought of...

Wiretap: Obama forced to reconsider U.S. strategy in Syria

Act or yield Russia's military intervention in Syria puts Obama in an increasingly difficult position. Can he stay with the same strategy in Syria or...

Wiretap: ISIS is not winning, but Iraq and the U.S. are...

No competition Calm down, ISIS is not winning, writes Iraq analyst Ahmed Ali in a New York Times op-ed. In fact, he says, the fall...

Wiretap: Taking aim at the War on Voting

Judge Nelva Gonzalez Ramos rules on the big lie behind Voter ID laws, finding the Texas version violated both the Equal Protection clause and the Voting Rights Act. She called the law an "unconstitutional poll tax."

Wiretap: No strategy can work in Syria

Fred Kaplan writes in Slate that although everyone hates ISIS the United States should not bomb ISIS in Syria, not unless there’s a coalition army to support there. The only winner would be Bashar Al Assad.

Littwin: Cruelty, shock escalate stakes in Iraq

  NOW we know what could go wrong in Iraq. What could go horribly, horribly wrong. The beheading of journalist Jim Foley by the Islamic State...

Wiretap: Finding meaning in a life

Max Fisher writes for Vox.com that many people will try to find meaning in James Foley’s unspeakable death at the hands of ISIS. Fisher says, instead, that we should take our meaning from his life.
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