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No real guns in the toy-gun aisle

After a recent, social media-driven victory that started in response to open-carry advocates bringing long guns into a Dallas Chipotle and ended with the company issuing a formal request that customers leave firearms at home, Bloomberg-backed group Everytown for Gun Safety has set its sites on the mega-retailer Target.

Retail giant Target tells investors company will stay neutral on anti-gay...

Minneapolis-based retailer Target told investors on Wednesday that the company will not be taking sides on the anti–gay marriage amendment slated for the 2012 ballot in Minnesota. The shareholders meeting in Pittsburgh, the first held since a nationwide boycott targeted the stores last fall over its corporate contributions to Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, drew protesters critical of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and members of the LGBT community. Target’s announcement comes as Twin Cities LGBT Pride festivities get under way — an event for which Target is a major sponsor.
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