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Colorado voters reject billion-dollar education tax proposal

DENVER -- Frustrating, heartbreaking, disappointing, even devastating — words heard all over the hotel ballroom here where supporters of Amendment 66 gathered to watch the votes come in. What no one said aloud, but what was smuggled into the phrase “we came up short,” was the question How did it go so terribly wrong?

Fact check: No, Amendment 66 will not cut rural school district...

Grand Junction’s KKCO 11 News has reported that as many as twenty rural school districts in Colorado will see funding drop if the proposed Amendment 66 education tax passes on Election Day. The report got its facts all wrong.

Yes on 66: Excellent education for an exceptional state

The measure asks voters to raise $950 million for our public schools, while keeping Colorado’s taxes among the lowest in the country. It’s a no-brainer.

Colorado’s Prop 103 called national barometer on taxes

State Senator Rollie Heath's Proposition 103, which asks Coloradans to approve a tax increase to bolster the state's cash-strapped schools, will be the most significant tax measure to appear before any U.S. voters this year. The Pew Center on the States calls the vote a test of public attitudes toward tough recession-year fiscal choices and for that reason will draw scrutiny in capitals coast to coast.