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Top Five Colorado fiscal forecast takeaways

When it comes to state revenue this year, there's good news and there's bad news, according to forecasts released on Wednesday by economists working...

Poll: Colorado Senate race voters care a whole lot about tax...

  A new poll from the left-leaning firm Public Policy Polling suggests that likely Colorado voters care about "tax fairness" even more than they care about...

Economists look to Millennials to fix Colorado’s broken tax system

BACK in 2011, responding to a request from state lawmakers, economists looked into Colorado's fiscal future.  What they saw has been haunting those with...

Critics say outdated oil-and-gas royalty rate costing Colorado millions

In a state where the general fund is predicted to run dry by 2025 and where residents have to vote to raise taxes on themselves and rarely do, hiking the onshore royalty rate seems like an easy decision to make.

How to talk — or not talk — about taxes

Here’s the thing: While taxes are a critical part of our work, we can’t talk about them. Not directly, at least, and certainly not in an election. I’ve learned to leave out the “t” word as much as possible.

On-shore oil drilling booms in U.S., some areas of Colorado

On-shore oil drilling in the United States is at its highest level since the Reagan administration in 1987, according to the Baker Hughes Rig Count – an industry tracking service. That same national boom is also occurring in Colorado, according to state officials, who point to a flurry of new drilling permits and active wells in Weld County.

Americans think federal government wastes more than half of tax revenues

A new Gallup poll finds, on average, Americans believe 51 cents out of every dollar the federal government spends is wasted, a new high since the question was first asked in 1979.

Billionaire Buffett to lawmakers: I don’t need your coddling

Warren Buffett, an icon of American super wealth, skewers the anti-tax political theocracy dominating Republican politics in a New York Times op-ed today. GOP justifications for refusing to raise taxes for billionaire Americans at a time of record deficits are preposterous, he writes, adding that taxes have never stopped wealthy people from investing. He points out that Clinton-era tax rates were clearly more effective in adding jobs than the slashed rates of the Bush years. He adds that most of the mega wealthy only pay taxes on investment income, whereas lower- and middle-class Americans pay payroll taxes, too. He says the game has been rigged in his favor by the country's billionaire-friendly Congress and that the country's fiscal policy is unethical and absurd.

Douglas Bruce featured on The Daily Beast

It wasn't enough for Doug Bruce to dedicate a large part of his life to reducing the taxes Coloradans pay. He apparently had to take it a step further and make his quest personal as well as professional.

America’s super-rich pay super-low taxes

As Tax Day looms, several recent reports serve as reminders that the wealthiest Americans give up far less of their income in taxes than the rest of the country.
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