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Colorado pays more in federal taxes than it draws in benefits

In a story that should make Colorado Tea Partiers proud, it was revealed by The Daily Beast today that Colorado ranks 43rd in return on the dollar for federal taxes paid compared with benefits received.

Married gay couples to IRS: Sorry, no more lies

Legally married gay couples this month will be filing joint tax returns to the IRS, pressing the federal government to again acknowledge that, by failing to recognize gay marriage, it routinely asks U.S. citizens to lie on their tax forms. “More people are refusing to lie on those forms even though the government is telling them to,” said Nadine Smith, director of gay rights group Equality Florida. Smith is gay and married and she says that she and her partner will not lie on their tax form this year. “It would be both dishonest and deeply humiliating to now disavow each other or our marriage and declare ourselves single,” she said.

Poll reveals broad support for mixing tax increases with spending cuts...

The Washington Post reports that its most recent joint poll with ABC News found that nearly two-thirds of respondents support a combination of raising taxes and cutting federal spending in order to tackle the deficit.

The ‘Obama, taxes, job loss’ narrative gets the Goolsbee white board...

Roughly since Obama took office, the Tea Party has led the charge in tying the president to higher taxes and job loss. Democrats have...

McInnis still not talking about Hasan payment to Invest 2 corporation

Colorado Republican candidate for governor Scott McInnis and his staff have refused for weeks to discuss payments made to him for plagiarized water articles by the Hasan Family Foundation and why part of that money was diverted to Invest 2 corporation.

McInnis offers up economic ‘roadmap’ with a few strange turns

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis today released a seven-page “Roadmap to Revitalization,” which like most political plans is long on catch phrases and short on details. In a nutshell, the plan calls for making Colorado more pro-business by reducing regulations and holding the line on taxes.

Pawlenty proposes slashing benefits for federal employees

On Saturday Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, speaking to Republicans attending the Arapahoe and Denver county Republican Lincoln Day Dinner fundraiser, proposed cutting the...

Frontier Airlines refutes GOP ad attacking Hickenlooper

Frontier Airlines apparently does not like starring in the anti-John Hickenlooper Republican Governors Association ads now being aired in Colorado.

McInnis blasts Hickenlooper as provincial and inexperienced

CASTLE ROCK-- Speaking to a small group of shopping center executives today, gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis said he was more prepared and more qualified to be governor than Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. “He’s never been involved in the process of governing the state. He’s never been involved in one state budget meeting. He has no experience with highway budgets or education budgets. Some people say they want a new face, well this is no time for a new face."

Lamborn: Tax-starved Colorado Springs not all ‘gloom and doom’

U.S. Rep Doug Lamborn represents Colorado Springs, where most residents support his anti-government views. Indeed, Lamborn has worked for the government on their behalf...
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