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TABOR timeout ballot measure won’t go to voters this year

A group trying to convince voters to hit the pause button on the state’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which limits government spending, has officially...

Littwin: Hick’s fiscal thicket fix-it sounds like crickets

I was on the edge of my seat for 40 minutes, which, let me tell you, is a long time to be on the...

Littwin: No new taxes! And no other plan.

We're stuck with our Gordian knot. I love the Greek myths, but the current-day myth that you don't need money to fix educational shortfalls is all American.

Civil unions bill would generate millions for depleted Colorado coffers

In a Colorado historically strapped for cash, where Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is proposing deep cuts to elementary school education and the Republican majority in the House is pushing for business tax breaks, a new civil unions bill could generate millions in revenue for the state through sales taxes and fees and by moving people off of public assistance, according to a report released today by the UCLA Williams Institute.

A new path for Colorado? Maine votes on new tax structure

Tomorrow, Maine voters will decide on whether or not to retain a tax overhaul passed by that state's legislature last year. The Maine proposal...