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Recall-prone El Paso County fails in effort to oust embattled sheriff

There was a flash and a bang and then… that was it. Embattled El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa narrowly dodged a recall effort...

Ted Haggard: If I were 21 today, I would identify as...

In a wide-ranging interview with GQ, the Reverend Ted Haggard, former pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, talks about his ministry, his family and, yes, his sex life. He also poses for beefcake photos. It's a very late-21st-century effort to rehabilitate his image.

Ted Haggard second life: Colorado Springs Christians love a good redemption...

Everyone in Colorado may know he's back, that he rose from the ministerial death brought on by a personal-life jag into meth-fueled gay sex,...

Haggard to speak at Albuquerque church on struggles with ‘confused sexuality’

Road trip! Fallen pastor Ted Haggard is coming to Albuquerque to speak at New Life City this Friday through Saturday, writes our New Mexico Independent colleague Matthew Reichbach.

It’s Ted vs. Gayle as Haggards discuss their ‘toxic’ marriage on...

No, it's not an April Fool's prank. Ted Haggard and his faithful wife, Gayle, finally get their day in court. The former top evangelist, whose "brush with both homosexuality and narcotics" led to a fall from grace -- not to mention some undoubtedly uncomfortable pillow talk with his blindsided wife -- earned an undisclosed sum last month when the Haggards taped two sessions of the popular syndicated TV show Divorce Court. Starting Wednesday, the nation gets to peer inside the couple's marital crisis while the stern presiding judge wags her finger and raises the sassy questions Larry King and Oprah dared not pose.

Disgraced pastor Ted Haggard, devoted wife appear on ‘Divorce Court’

Fallen evangelical Pastor Ted Haggard -- brought to his knees more than two years ago by a taste for gay sex and crystal meth -- continues on the comeback trail with wife Gayle in tow, taping an interview Wednesday on the television show "Divorce Court," set to air April 1. What, he couldn't book "The Biggest Loser"?

Christian writers chastise, praise Ted Haggard’s sins

The verdicts are in following a whirlwind week covering the ever-widening sex, drug and hush money scandal involving Ted Haggard and New Life Church. Meanwhile the flockless pastor spent the week feeding a ravenous media to promote an HBO bio-pic documenting his fall from grace. Not surprisingly, the judgments from the evangelical Christian community are a pretty mixed bag.

TV bounty-hunter sidekick investigates Haggard scandal

Colorado Springs bail bondsman Bobby Brown is now on a self-appointed case to smoke out the unnamed victims of ex-New Life Church Pastor Ted Haggard's sexual misconduct. Can this saga get any more ludicrous?

Haas says New Life reneged on payoff amid new Haggard sex-drug...

The latest sordid episode of Pastor Ted Haggard's sex-and-drug peccadilloes now includes allegations that New Life Church reneged on its offer to provide financial comfort to a young male parishioner who was the object of the evangelical leader's lewd affections. I just hope AP religion reporter Eric Gorski got some combat pay for having to report the details of Haggard's no-hands tryst.

UPDATED: Disgraced Rove aide named top lobbyist for Focus on the...

Being a serial plagiarist may no longer be the professional equivalent of a hair shirt. Look at Vice President Joe Biden. Good thing for ex-Bush administration political operative Tim Goeglein too. He's been named the top Washington, D.C., lobbyist for Focus on the Family, according to a little-noticed "comings and goings" political column in the Fort Wayne, Ind., Journal Gazette. UPDATE: Focus on the Family Action responds to our post below the fold.
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