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Romney not engaged as governor, says Massachusetts legislator

DENVER--What kind of president would Mitt Romney be? It's hard to say, but one Massachusetts legislator says Romney is the kind of guy who will say whatever it takes to get elected and that he never really seemed interested in being governor.

Koch family feud finds common ground in funding for Tipton

Billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch don't often see eye to eye with youngest brother Bill. On at least two things, though, they share common ground: A love for Colorado and an eagerness to fund Rep. Scott Tipton's campaigns.

Alleged Norton comments on ‘workable’ immigration system draw Tancredo wrath

U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton reportedly spoke at a Colorado Restaurant Association Political Action Committee meeting in Denver Thursday and told the audience that the country needs a "workable immigration system." The comments spurred Tom Tancredo's American Legacy Alliance to send out the kind of watchdog-style press release that seems to increasingly follow Norton speaking events, this time coming not from a Democratic Party organization but from a champion of the state's grass roots right.

Poll: Public health-insurance option a winner with Colorado voters

The Wall Street Journal Wednesday painted a bleak picture of Capitol Hill Democrats wandering about without a map on health reform in the wake...

GOP Senate candidate Norton goes on the record: ‘I’ve not been...

In an interview with a Colorado Springs radio talk show host Tuesday, former lieutenant governor and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jane Norton said she has never worked as a lobbyist. She was responding to callers looking to feel out her conservative credentials. "On the lobbyist thing, I've not been a lobbyist," she said.

Conservative grassroots strategy lands Brown in Kennedy’s Senate seat

BOSTON — The volunteers, journalists, and donors who entered the ballroom of the Park Plaza Hotel on Tuesday were greeted by a kind of enthusiasm uncharacteristic to Massachusetts Republican campaigns. The room was packed only an hour after the polls closed. Among the throngs were Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler, leaders of Tea Party Patriots, who’d flown in from Georgia and California to watch the final stretch of Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate bid. Meckler held up a Video camera, panning it across the room to capture the Brown supporters as they chatted and lined up for food and drinks.

Special election dispatch: Splitting the vote in working-class Quincy

QUINCY, Mass. — In this city a few minutes south of Boston, working-class voters were splitting between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown. “I...

Conservative activists fan out in Boston fraud-watching the election

David Weigel from our sister site in Washington is on the ground in Boston for the neck-and-neck special election to fill the seat left...

Harkin: Health plan with ‘strong public option’ will pass by Christmas

At a fundraiser in Iowa Sunday, the new chairman of the Senate health committee, U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, declared that a health-reform bill...

Sen. Ted Kennedy, 1932-2009

In memory of Sen. Ted Kennedy, the Washington Independent, sister site to the Colorado Independent, compiled its recent coverage of the senator and the effect his passing will have on the country.
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