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DNC flashback: Kennedy proclaims ‘a season of hope’ in surprise speech

A year to the day before Sen. Edward Kennedy died, the ailing liberal lion made a surprise appearance at the Democratic National Convention's opening...

Ted Kennedy on health-care reform

Senator Edward Kennedy, liberal lion, lawmaker icon, passionate politician, touchstone in the country's collective memory of the Kennedy years, has died of brain cancer....

Ted Kennedy: ‘For me, this is a season of hope’

Sen. Teddy Kennedy entered an elated stadium and extended a message that, β€œIt is so wonderful to be here, and nothing β€” nothing β€” is going to keep me away form this gathering tonight.”

Ted Kennedy will address DNC tonight

As predicted, the AP just confirmed Sen. Ted Kennedy will speak at the DNC tonight. The Massachusetts senator, an early and galvanizing supporter of Barack Obama's campaign, arrived in Denver Sunday night.

Kennedy to make “11th hour” surprise visit to Denver?

Politico reports that key early Obama booster Sen. Edward Kennedy could make a surprise visit to Denver on Monday night if his health permits. Kennedy, undergoing treatment for a brain tumor diagnosed in May, is the subject of a video tribute on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention.
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