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Proof of citizenship required to attend Perry campaign event

For Rick Perry, immigration is the issue that keeps on giving. This week in his first visit to New Hampshire in weeks, Perry held a campaign event at a facility owned by a defense contractor. Admission was free and open to the public, but proof of citizenship was required at the door.

Poll deconstructs Pearce recall election

Arizona voters, polled after last week's election, said they voted to recall Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce because of his divisiveness and because they want Arizona's legislature to focus more on the economy and job creation and less on immigration.

Arizona anti-immigration leader Russell Pearce loses recall election

The times they are a changin'. It seems like only yesterday, Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce was considered the most powerful politician in Arizona and a man whose counsel was sought by legislators in Colorado and around the country.

Latino groups demand apology from McCain on earlier comments about likely...

In the wake of the arrest of two Americans, U.S. Senator John McCain is under fire today for his refusal to apologize for speculating earlier that Arizona's Willow fire had been caused by illegal immigrants.
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