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Maes backers question Tancredo’s conservative principles

Some “concerned citizens” from Northeast Colorado sent an “open letter” to American Constitution Party gubernatorial nominee Tom Tancredo Monday. The Colorado Independent was able to reach one of those people, and Maureen Paterson described herself as a supporter of Republican nominee Dan Maes and a past Republican delegate to the state assembly. “We are mostly just concerned about Tom Tancredo,” she said.

Sen. Bob Hagedorn is Out of a Job After 16 Years

As the Colorado General Assembly adjourns today, the veteran legislator said he's happy to trade in partisan bickering for unemployment.The term-limited state senator and...

Rowland Pick Explained (Maybe)

One Colorado trend that may be partly explainable by term limits is that fewer moderate Republican women are being elected to the legislature, says...

Term Limit Promises Not Kept

Term limits haven't lived up to the promises of proponents, but rather corrode the power of legislatures, concludes a book released by the...
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