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The tragic return of Terry ‘Col Birther’ Lakin

He is the medal-winning former Army doctor from Greeley who became a hero to "birther" conspiracy theorists like Denver radio talker Peter Boyles when he refused to deploy to Afghanistan, demanding to see his commander-in-chief's birth certificate. Lakin didn't get to see any birth certificate. He was court martialed, stripped of his rank, salary and pension and hauled off to Leavenworth. After six months in prison, he is coming home. His supporters are trying to organize a rally to greet him at the airport in Baltimore, where his wife and three children live. As Salon's Justin Elliot reports, the Lakin saga is perhaps the most tragic story so far to "emerge from the birther carnival."

Terry ‘Col Birther’ Lakin backers remain skeptical after Obama birth certificate...

"Today's action doesn't solve this issue," Marco Ciavolino, a staffer at the Terry Lakin Action Fund, told the Colorado Independent in response to news that President Obama released an image of his "long-form" birth certificate today. "The first thing is, you know, why did the president wait so long to release this birth certificate? The other immediate thing is that there is no physical copy to inspect, so far. It's just a pdf. So here we go again," he said, laughing. "It's really not that hard."
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