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NOM integrally tied to GOP fundraiser group ActRight

“NOM is not a partisan organization or a stalking horse for either party,” wrote National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown in March. “We are a movement of people of every race, creed, color — and party — willing to stand up for marriage.”<

Mich. GOP Rep. supports government-funded health care… for pets

Nice catch by Todd Heywood of The Michigan Messenger: U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter , has introduced legislation to create a tax deduction for pet owners’...

Rep. Lamborn launches new Sovereignty Caucus to oppose ceding rights to...

WASHINGTON -- Three Republican Congressmen last week launched a new caucus aimed at defending the nation against international treaties they see as threats to American rights and national interests. The so-called sovereignty movement has gained surprising momentum on the Hill recently and Lamborn's new House caucus goes further in establishing its presence.
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