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VIDEO: Measure to require drug testing to receive public assistance passes...

Thursday, a Colorado House committee passed a bill to require individuals applying for cash assistance to first submit to drug testing. The bill passed out of committee on a party line vote, with Republicans casting the yes votes.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart on the world ending

Will the world as we know it end on Saturday? No one knows. To help you in your weekend planning, though, we offer the insights of people who actually think they know, starting with Jon Stewart. We also sought out the sage advice of evangelical rapture author Tim LaHaye, who flat out calls end-of-world prophet Harold Camping a fraud and a false prophet.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart analyzes Pawlenty on O’Reilly

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart appeared as a guest on Fox’s The O’Reilly Factor last night and ran down his take on GOP presidential candidates. While Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann got mention, more as a punchline — “If Sarah Palin doesn’t run, Michele Bachmann could definitely put on that blazer” — Tim Pawlenty got props for seeming “like a reasonable guy.” But, Stewart added, Pawlenty has left Minnesota in worse shape than did, say, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Defunding abortion may have wide repercussions

The U.S. House of Representative's move to strip federal funding from any program related in any way to abortion could have wide-reaching consequences.

Rally to Restore Sanity works — thousands now much calmer

The Rally to Restore Sanity drew tens of thousands to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and maybe a couple of thousand to Civic...

Obama on Daily Show praises Markey for taking ‘tough votes’

President Barack Obama Wednesday told the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart that he hopes Democrats who took the tough votes on health care reform, reshaping...

Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity coming to Denver

You know you wanna go. You know you do. Admit it, you sit around the dining room table after a hard day at the...

U.S. Paper of Record caught off guard by questions about newspapers

The video of the Daily Show visit to The New York Times is flying around the Web today and it's devastating -- to the Times and to anyone pulling for newspapers to survive the digital revolution. Of course the Daily Show played the New York Times from beginning to end as doomed straw man, with Daily Show reporter Jason Jones hamming it up and the video cut together to high comedic effect. But still!

Stewart throttles Cramer, financial news for shilling for Wall Street

Dubbed "Brawl Street," comedian Jon Stewart took CNBC's "Mad Money" Jim Cramer — and financial market pundits in absentia — to task for the lack of critical reporting on "dangerous and ethically dubious" Wall Street activities that led to the nation's economic crisis. Here's a sample of the March 12 episode of "The Daily Show."

‘The Daily Show’s’ Stewart satirically slams Colorado

The writers of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" basically consider Coloradans a bunch of beer-guzzling, trout-fishing, ultrafit and suspiciously nice outdoorsmen. They led off the taping of Tuesday’s show — the first of three from the University of Denver during the DNC — with a beer-ad-spoof medley from their fake news correspondents.
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