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Wiretap: Mental health intervention versus gun control

"The sobering fact is that there is little we can do to predict or change human behavior, particularly violence; it is a lot easier to control its expression, and to limit deadly means of self-expression."

Wiretap: Georgia’s ‘guns everywhere’ public-safety experiment

Some parts of the bill seem to be there just to show that they can be -- like making it legal to carry in certain parts of the airport. Hey, it's good for (the gun and bullet) business!

Wiretap: Corporate leaders just don’t do the right things

They often want to do better, but somehow can't seem to pull it off. Christine Bader lists six reasons why they fail.

Wiretap: They will soon have all the money ( a story...

Piketty's charts track fluctuating inequality. "The consequences for the long-term dynamics of the wealth distribution are potentially terrifying.”
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