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Geithner calls Detroit bailout a success

It was announced this week that the White House expects the federal government to lose $14 billion of the roughly $80 billion it spent in 2009 to rescue GM and Chrysler. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post calling that a big success.

Government Sachs: Democracy brought to you by Goldman-trained bureaucrats

What do people do at Goldman Sachs all day? They prepare to work at the White House and at the U.S. Treasury Department,...

Band of Dems blasts Geithner plan

WASHINGTON-- Appearing before a House panel on Thursday, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner made his best pitch for legislation granting the White House broad new powers to seize Wall Street firms when their collapse might torpedo others in the industry. It didn’t go so well.

Regulating the regulators: the continuing Geithner problem

Reading a recent New York Times article on Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's relationship with the "finance club" he is charged with rescuing and regulating, Baseline Scenario blogger James Kwak makes a point many people have missed.
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