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Wiretap: Is Vladimir Putin at the center of the DNC email...

Take a leak It's hardly shocking that the Democratic National Committee got Wikileaked. That's what Wikileaks does. It's not surprising that the leaked emails reveal...

Bennet says no intention of undercutting Iran deal

"In the coming days I intend to study the proposed agreement carefully," Bennet told the Colorado Independent in an email. "The details really matter here. This is not a time for politics."

Littwin: Help wanted in Hillaryland

If you haven't heard the news, let me be the one to break it to you: Hillary Clinton is definitely running for president (OK,...

Romanoff: Supporting Bennet over Buck ‘an easy call’ for Democrats

DENVER -- Colorado Democratic leaders and national party officials united Thursday on the steps of the Colorado capitol to try to heal the wounds created in what many saw as a bloody Democratic primary race. Sen. Michael Bennet joined with primary challenger Andrew Romanoff to proclaim a united front in the siege on Bennet's Senate seat - a seat Bennet said was in a precarious position without the help of those supporters who once filled the phone banks and campaign headquarters of the Romanoff camp.

INVESCO dispatches: Opening acts

The Yonder Mountain String Band, always a favorite in Nederland, took the stage about 30 minutes ago to a quarter-full stadium. It's a bit of chaos down there at INVESCO but at least they've got good music to groove to. More insider info inside...

My crystal ball on Obama’s VP pick

Based not at all on politics nor inside information nor gut instinct, just a simple examination of a few tea leaves, here’s my crystal ball on Obama’s pick for VP.
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