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‘Ebel Effect’ drives surge in Colorado corrections spending

The problem has gone up enormously since the murder of prisons chief Tom Clements.

Hickenlooper campaign allows Beauprez to be formidable foe

The race to be Colorado’s next governor began when Bob Beauprez won the Republican primary in June. The former congressman was considered the moderate...

Littwin: Bob Beauprez’s horror show

  The truly frightening thing about the Bob Beauprez horror-movie campaign ad is that Beauprez and his team must have thought it would actually work. I...

Littwin: Beauprez goes hard and dark

  PUEBLO -- There's a very thin line between being aggressive and being, well, a jerk. That's the line Bob Beauprez high-jumped over in a...

Wound-up Beauprez swipes hard at Hickenlooper in third debate

  PUEBLO, Colo. -- For almost the entire hour of the debate held on the dark-draped high stage of the old-school Memorial Hall theater here...

Head Cases

"There I was, lying on the concrete floor with a hole through my skull the size of a .50 caliber slug, trying to stop the profuse bleeding."

Senate limits solitary confinement, enforces charity health care

Notes from the 94th day of the 2014 legislative session.

Wiretap: Raemisch’s night in the hell that is solitary confinement

"I would spend a total of 20 hours in that cell. Which, compared with the typical stay, is practically a blink. "

Full text: Gov. Hickenlooper’s State of the State speech

"This past year, Colorado has been scorched. Colorado has been flooded. Colorado—once again—endured senseless, inexplicable violence. Yet, despite all of it, we did not let that define us. That is not our story."

Colorado moves to end solitary confinement for mentally ill prisoners

In a Colorado Department of Corrections memo sent Tuesday, Interim Director Lou Archuleta directed wardens across the state to no longer house mentally ill prisoners in solitary confinement.
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