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State Supreme Court declares ‘clean government’ Amendment 54 unconstitutional

In a four to one vote, the Colorado Supreme Court this morning declared that so-called clean elections Amendment 54 unconstitutionally tramped on the right...

Struggling ‘personhood’ forces face determined opposition

On Friday, Personhood Colorado turned into the Secretary of State 79,817 signatures in support of its initiative-- not even 4,000 more than the 76,047 needed to land its proposed anti-abortion "personhood" proposal on the ballot in November. Thousands of signatures are routinely thrown out in the process of validating initiative petitions. The group's amendment seeks to grant fertilized human eggs the full spectrum of rights enjoyed by U.S. citizens. The difficulty its sponsors seem to have had gathering support suggests the idea they are promoting is no more attractive now to Coloradans than it was in 2008, when they defeated a similar proposal in a landslide vote.

Lucero campaign YouTube celebrates Churchill defeat

Conservative CU Regent and Congressional candidate for the 4th District Tom Lucero has taken his campaign onto the internets. Looking to win the chance...

Another over-the-top tea party message, brought to you by ALG

The petition delivered Monday by the Tea Party of Southern Colorado to the offices of U.S. Rep. John Salazar and U.S. Sens Mark Udall and Michael Bennet was a garbled screed signed by nearly 300 people. In the section reprinted by the Pueblo Chieftain, the petition warns of future "enslavement" and "forced submission" and "dictatorial bureaucracy." There are a few commas but there isn't a period to be found in any of that bit. The signatories are seeking to encourage their lawmakers to oppose health reform legislation, but 66-year-old Jerry Denney, the author of the petition, says it's not about health care; it's about socialism. "This health care bill isn't about health care. It's about the destruction of the constitutional republic we've lived in for the past 200 or so years."

‘Regular guy’ Madere, riding the Palin wave, set to announce CO4...

The self described "regular guy" from Loveland, Dean Madere, a member of the Glenn Beck-inspired Loveland 9/12 project, is formally announcing his candidacy tonight...

Going rogue in Loveland: A would-be Palin for Colorado’s 4th District

Friday night, self-identifying "average person" Dean Madere made his first real candidate appearance at the Ranch in Loveland, where the Tea Party of Northern...

Colorado Supreme Court fast-tracks ‘clean government’ amendment case

The future of controversial so-called clean government Amendment 54 has been fast-tracked by the Colorado Supreme Court. This week the Court directed attorneys to submit records by next Friday, Sept. 4. Court arguments will begin in the fall. "There's a perceived obligation to get appellate clarity when the voters have adopted a law and it has been declared unconstitutional," said Mark Grueskin, one of the high-powered attorneys who represented plaintiffs fighting the amendment. "There's just added importance to getting the Supreme Court to weigh in and say there is or is not a problem."

Conservative town hall strategy rooted in Chicago organizing text

When a small clatch of Larimer Republicans met with Fourth District GOP Congressional candidate Tom Lucero early this summer, they talked about taking up the organizing politics that won Obama the presidency. Lucero encouraged them. "Yes, we have to replicate Obama’s Chicago-style politics, Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals,’" he said. The elderly bunch nodded their heads but the flash of recognition at the name "Alinsky" wasn't exactly there. You can bet that fuzziness on the name is now gone.

Afternoon News Nuggets: 20 July 2009

Dug up fresh, daily. POLITICS AS USUAL: GOP Candidate for governor Josh Penry is not quitting the senate. He's going to fulfill his obligations...

Lucero’s ‘tough slog’ in Fourth District race just got even worse

When the Colorado Independent reported that GOP Fourth District candidate Tom Lucero faced a tough slog in his race against Democrat Betsy Markey, we...
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