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Colorado ‘religious freedom’ initiative moves step closer to 2012 ballot

The Colorado Secretary of State’s title board on Wednesday approved language for a “religious freedom” ballot initiative submitted last month by Colorado Springs-based evangelical organization Focus on the Family. Supporters of the initiative can now begin collecting the roughly 86,000 valid voter signatures it will take to land the proposal on election ballots this November.

Christian groups Focus on the Family, NOM to host Iowa candidate...

The weekend before thanksgiving, Colorado Springs-based evangelical group Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage will host a Republican presidential candidate forum in Des Moines centered on social issues. Focus on the Family staffer Tom Minnery said the hosts of the event don't plan to "get into theology as such" because there wouldn't be enough time for the candidates to "solve theological questions." Primary campaign frontrunner Mitt Romney, who is Mormon, has yet to commit to the event.

VIDEO: Franken grills Focus on the Family head during DOMA repeal...

At a hearing on the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, Sen. Al Franken took issue with the testimony of Tom Minnery, the head of Focus on the Family’s political arm, CitizenLink. After Minnery cited a government study he said showed that the children of married gay and lesbian couples fared worse than married opposite-sex couples, Franken flatly stated that Minnery was wrong and called into question any further testimony from Minnery.

For Tom Minnery, it was an election year of mixed blessings

Colorado had the longest ballot in the country this year, and among the numerous propositions that failed was one that would have lowered the minimum age of serving in the state legislature from 25 to 21. As Tom Minnery, the Vice President of Public Policy for Focus on the Family put it, “No thanks. We have enough immaturity in the legislature already.”
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