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TPM plays Perry off stage with excruciating video compilation

In 20 years of Texas politics, Rick Perry had never lost an election, a fact you would never guess watching his campaign for president spectacularly flameout over the last six months, from stump speech to stump speech, television appearance to television appearance. TPM has made a painfully hilarious video tribute to the Perry candidacy it calls "The Texas Governor Massacre."

Cable news conservative Carlson launches Daily Caller

The offices of the Daily Caller evoke a long-ago era of journalism, circa 2005 or 2006, before The Los Angeles Times closed its big-city bureaus, The Washington Times fired 60 percent of its staff, and magazines from Gourmet to Portfolio shuttered for lack of revenue. A staff of 21 reporters and editors sit in blindingly white offices and a wide-open center space, cranking out content for the site’s January 11 launch. Other possible hires walk in and out of Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson’s office, past a lounge inhabited by liquor bottles and a sleeping dog, and decorated by clocks that tell the time in far-flung and random locations: Pyongyang, Jackson Hole, Washington, Honolulu.
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