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‘Misled’ petition signers say Amendment 46 defeat brings relief

The Vote No on Amendment 46 campaign isn't the only group pleased to see the anti-affirmative action measure lose, albeit on a teensy margin Thursday afternoon. Several people who launched complaints that they were misled into signing onto the proposal have also expressed happiness that the measure flopped.

Judge dismisses complaints that anti-affirmative action petitioners misled voters

An administrative law judge has thrown out charges that Amendment 46 petition circulators misled people into signing on to the anti-affirmative action measure. Amendment 46 seeks to end preferential treatment for women and minorities in public employment, education and contracting. The controversially named Colorado Civil Rights Initiative is part of a five-state effort launched by California businessman Ward Connerly to end affirmative action.

Ward Connerly’s Anti-Affirmative Action Machine

Just who is Ward Connerly and why does he want to change Colorado's Constitution?Twelve years ago, Connerly was the public face of California's Proposition...

Amendment 31: Fighting Misleading Petitioners Isn’t Easy

Tracy Sear's interactions with two Amendment 31 petition circulators occurred on Feb. 8 and Feb. 9. "The first time I was coming out of...