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#Coleg Notebook: Driver’s license compromise; economic forecasts

Lawmakers compromise on immigrant driver's licences  It can be difficult to understand exactly what the six-member Joint Budget Committee is doing, but on Wednesday the proceedings...

Stimulus transit funding flows to Colorado, but is it nearly enough?

It’s still unclear just how much of the $90.2 million in federal stimulus money headed Colorado’s way for urban transit will go to RTD’s FasTracks commuter and light-rail, but what is abundantly clear is it won’t be enough.

Federal stimulus won’t give Colorado’s transit projects much of a boost

Local rail and public transit enthusiasts are in for a cold slap of reality after the historic signing of the $787 billion economic recovery plan. During Tuesday's visit to Denver with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden said the federal stimulus bill will be a big boost to mass transit in the United States, with funding impacts for commuter rail projects from Colorado to Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.