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Colorado lawmakers cheer new federal guidelines on pot-industry finances

The Department of Justice and the Treasury Department released guidelines aimed at smoothing the way for banks to start doing business with pot shops in Colorado.

Democrats demand relief for still-volatile housing market

WASHINGTON-- One year after the Obama administration launched its $75 billion anti-foreclosure program, the housing market remains volatile, loan modifications have been scant, foreclosures are still sky-high — and more and more lawmakers are wondering why the White House hasn’t been more aggressive in tackling the crisis.

Finger pointing begins as move to stem foreclosures fails

WASHINGTON-- Only a year ago, hopes were high that a big push by the government to stop foreclosures would be a great success, living up to its billing as “Help for America’s Homeowners.”

Last January started out with a foreclosure moratorium, allowing time for the Obama Administration to put the final touches on Making Home Affordable — its $75 billion signature program aimed at helping 3 to 4 million homeowners. After bailing out banks and the financial system, the administration turned its efforts to borrowers on the verge of losing their homes. The program rolled out with fanfare in the spring. But as 2010 begins, it is already clear that Making Home Affordable has fallen far short of its goals.
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