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Bennet wins

With thousands of votes still to be tallied, Michael Bennet has won the first political campaign of his life -- and it was a political battle for the history books. He beat back a serious Democratic Party primary challenge and emerged victorious in the general election this morning over conservative Weld County DA Ken Buck in the post-Citizens United, anti-incumbent, anti-Democratic year of the Tea Party. Barring a dramatic recount turnaround, Bennet is headed back for a full term to the U.S. Senate, a lawmaking body he frustratedly described earlier this year as a sort of purgatory where nothing happens despite the grave problems facing the nation.

Colorado Election Day smackdown: Tea Party enthusiasm versus progressive infrastructure

Republicans expect this year's Tea Party enthusiasm to translate to enormous victories for the GOP tonight. Yet evidence on the ground seems to be confirming what some political analysts have been saying for a while: that Tea Party enthusiasm is no substitute for well-organized political movement infrastructure. The fact that the U.S. Senate race in Colorado pitting Tea Party GOP candidate Ken Buck against unloved Democrat Michael Bennet is so close down the stretch speaks volumes, according to longtime Republican Party strategist Ford O'Connell.

Bennet trending over Buck, with a hitch

The campaign for U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is spinning early voter numbers. A release put out by the campaign Sunday, two days after early...

Tea party not a major concern for Bennet camp

On Tuesday Sen. Michael Bennet defeated Andrew Romanoff 54 percent -46 percent in the race for the Democratic primary bucking the trend of anti-incumbency that has ignited the political field this year. Still, despite a campaign that was supported by what Romanoff's deputy campaign manager, Berrick Abramson, called a "Washington machine," Bennet's camp will be up against Republican tea-party candidate Ken Buck in the upcoming election. Though Buck is no stranger to insider politics, he has run on a platform many disenfranchised Republicans are eager to hear and vote for. Bennet's camp said they would combat this by sticking to their guns and offering positive message.

Bennet and Romanoff camps clash on the airwaves and in parking...

The heated Colorado Democratic U.S. Senate primary race faced off this week not on policy matters but on campaign ethics, with former state House...

Dem strategist condemns Romanoff ad as ‘scorched earth’ tactic

The Romanoff campaign launched a new controversial TV ad Tuesday taking a hard swing at Democratic primary opponent Sen. Michael Bennet, accusing him of representing the interests of his finance and energy industry donors. The ad marks the latest salvo in a contest that is becoming hotter by the day and turning ugly just as mail-in primary ballots are reaching voters around the state. Although Romanoff defended the ad as focused on policy, Democratic political consultant Mike Stratton joined with the Bennet camp in lamenting it as attack politics. He said the ad traded on distortions and represented a "scorched earth" strategy that would hurt Democrats in the end.
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