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Credit card reform may push more Americans into payday loan hell

The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act, dubbed simply the "Credit Card Bill of Rights," was backed by the President and was written to protect consumers from abuses that have come to define the credit card industry. The Act went into effect Monday. Unless you have a perfect credit score, however, the law might not do anything to help you borrow extra cash at a fair rate anytime soon.

‘Good Samaritan’ legal battle pits greens against greens

In the last 15 years, Washington lawmakers have introduced no fewer than 10 pieces of so-called Good Samaritan legislation-- the majority of those laws introduced by Colorado legislators. The legislation is designed to provide legal protection for groups who take it upon themselves to clean up toxic waste. In Colorado, that means cleaning up acid mine drainage. Why has none of the legislation passed? Good Samaritan groups say the most stringent opponents include major environmental groups with Washington lobbyists.
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