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Ugandan LGBT activist asks Colorado students for solidarity

Clare Byarugaba traveled from Uganda this month to plea with Colorado's student activists to support her country’s LGBT community, which has been under government...

Wiretap: Rubio at sea on climate change science, economics

He pre-launches a presidential bid with a bold leadership position: He says he's not sure climate change is real and it doesn't make economic sense to do anything about it if it were real.

Colorado abstinence program with ties to anti-gay groups, Ugandan pastor, receives...

Colorado-based abstinence education group WAIT Training has received more than $8.3 million in federal funding since 2005, despite having several brushes with political controversy, including being cited in a Congressional report for misrepresenting the spread of HIV, having ties with a controversial leader of Uganda’s virulent anti-gay movement, and having given tens of thousands of its grant money to a right-wing anti-gay group.