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Littwin: The real war on Christmas

Christmas movies are all about the happy ending. Carelessly switch to one of the cable TV news stations, though, and the game is up.

DeGette expresses ‘extraordinary frustration’ as GOP House leaders reject payroll tax...

Republican Colorado congressional members joined their House colleagues today in blaming the Senate for failing to pass a long-term extension of unemployment benefits and a payroll tax break, but senior Denver Democrat Diana DeGette scoffed at that notion on Tuesday.

House to vote on unemployment insurance extension

The U.S. House will vote today on whether to approve the compromise bill to extend the Bush tax cuts and federal unemployment benefits, but will first try to amend the provision on the estate tax to raise more revenue.

As lawmakers wrangle, Americans voice strong support for unemployment extension

Although progressive activists and Democratic U.S. House members hate the Obama-Republican deal on taxes and unemployment extension, the American people like it, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, especially the unemployment extension part, which will see insurance benefits extended for a year as the economy steadily recovers but adds few jobs. Respondents to the poll favored the unemployment extension by more than a two to one margin.

Obama explains deal: Tax cuts for wealthy the GOP ‘holy grail’

Taking heat from the left as well as from moderate Democrats like Colorado's Mark Udall for cutting a deal with Republicans to extend tax...

Organized online, jobless Americans eye midterm elections

Sometime this spring, Republicans turned against unemployment. In Nevada, Sharron Angle (R), the candidate facing incumbent Sen. Harry Reid (D), told local reporters, “You can make more money on unemployment than you can going down and getting one of those jobs that is an honest job.” (Untrue.) Angle also called the unemployed “spoiled.”

Markey joins Colorado Republicans in voting against unemployment extension

Colorado Fourth District Democratic Rep. Betsy Markey voted with Colorado Republican Reps. Doug Lamborn and Mike Coffman against extending unemployment benefits to jobless constituents...

Obama lauds Senate action on unemployment benefits, bashes GOP political gamesmanship

Following the Senate’s reauthorization of an extension to unemployment benefits tonight, President Obama released a statement urging the U.S. House of Representatives to quickly...

Senate passes unemployment benefits extension

Tonight, after waiting 30 hours for a cloture vote, the Senate reauthorized the federal extension of unemployment benefits — moving one step closer to...

Obama slams GOP for putting tax cuts above unemployment extension

In his weekly address, President Obama hammered Republicans for putting the interests of the rich above the unemployed. He said they are making a...
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