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Westword’s sister alt-weekly newspapers are trying to unionize. What happens in...

Staff at two out-of-state alt-weeklies owned by Westword's corporate parent, Denver-based Voice Media Group, last week announced efforts to unionize — leading some to wonder...

Opinion: Don’t believe the hype about the Employee Rights Act

Today many hard-working Coloradans aren’t getting a fair shake in our economy. Income inequality is rising and the middle class is disappearing. All the...

VIDEO: Politifact gives ‘Pants on Fire’ rating to ad by conservative...

The venerable fact-check website PolitiFact rates a recent web ad by the Karl Rove-affiliated 501(c)(4) nonprofit group Crossroads GPS — on supposed breaks in complying with health care reform the Obama administration is giving to unions as favors — as ‘Pants on Fire,’ finding no proof of any secret deal.

Under fire in Colo for lack of transparency, Stapleton in DC...

Progressive politics coalition Campaign for a Strong Colorado says state Treasurer Walker Stapleton should follow the advice he provided to the U.S. House Ways and Means committee this week when he argued in favor of the Public Employee Pension Transparency Act. "Greater transparency and better information is important for the fiscal health of our states and for our taxpayers," he said. Strong Colorado agreed and urged Stapleton to bring his point home to the taxpayers he serves by opening up his full current employment records so the Colorado public can see how he's earning his money and spending his time.

Kloppenburg leads in Wisconsin, voters send strong message to Guv Walker

The Wisconsin supreme court election held yesterday is still too close to call. At 9 a.m. this morning Colorado time, conservative Justice David Prosser reportedly led liberal opponent Joanne Kloppenburg by 800 or so votes. An hour later, AP has Kloppenburg ahead of Prosser by 200 votes. (10:30 a.m. update: With 84 percent counted Kloppenburg leads by 35,000 votes). Whether Prosser wins or loses, Wisconsin voters have sent a clear message rejecting Governor Scott Walker's uncompromising pugilist political style if not his anti-union agenda.

VIDEO: Hickenlooper as the anti-Scott Walker (or anti-Nikki Haley!)

Colorado Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper participated in an ABC News governors roundtable this weekend, where he talked with host Jake Tapper and Governors Deval Patrick (D-Mass.), Nikki Haley (R-S.C.) and Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.). The short segment spotlights the cross talk on events in Wisconsin, a combination of spin and willful non-engagement.

Wisconsin protesters in Denver jeer and jibe across thin blue line

Protests erupted Tuesday as Tea Party and free market activists clashed with union members, politicians and union supporters who had gathered on the steps of the State Capitol to rally against Wisconsin legislation to eliminate collective bargaining for many of that state’s workforce.

Live-streaming video from Wisconsin protests

As the Colorado Legislature and Governor John Hickenlooper struggle with closing a huge budget gap of their own--including asking state employees to contribute more of their own money to their retirement plans, The Colorado Independent offers a glimpse of how they do things in Wisconsin.

Ritter’s office rejects McInnis call to ‘de-unionize’ state workers

DENVER - Speaking at a conservative confab over the weekend, gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis renewed his calls to end a 2007 executive order signed by Gov. Bill Ritter allowing state workers to form employee partnerships.

Public-sector workers a target in recession politics

At Politico, Maggie Haberman and Ben Smith have a good piece on the “perfect storm” ginning up politicians’ opposition to public-sector workers. Firefighters and...
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