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Massey Energy: Making the case all over again for unions and...

Two weeks ago, twenty-nine West Virginia men died in an explosion at a Massey Energy mine. It was the worst mining disaster in 40...

Ritter set to dedicate Ludlow Massacre site as national historic landmark

Who says Gov. Bill Ritter doesn't play well with labor? On Saturday, the governor joins United Mine Workers of America International President Cecil Roberts and other union officials at the dedication of the site of the 1914 Ludlow Massacre as a National Historic Landmark, The Associated Press reports. The site, just off Interstate 25 between Walsenburg and Trinidad, is fabled in labor lore. More than 75 people died during a coal-miners strike that saw the Colorado National Guard attack an encampment of miners and their families with machine guns and torches. One night, 19 died when strike opponents set fire to tents where striking miners were staying.
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