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Fox 21 erred in reporting Buck held ‘U.S. Senate unity rally’

Fox 21 reported Monday that Ken Buck held a “U.S. Senate unity rally” Monday night in Colorado Springs. But Buck spokesman Owen Loftus told...

Romanoff: Supporting Bennet over Buck ‘an easy call’ for Democrats

DENVER -- Colorado Democratic leaders and national party officials united Thursday on the steps of the Colorado capitol to try to heal the wounds created in what many saw as a bloody Democratic primary race. Sen. Michael Bennet joined with primary challenger Andrew Romanoff to proclaim a united front in the siege on Bennet's Senate seat - a seat Bennet said was in a precarious position without the help of those supporters who once filled the phone banks and campaign headquarters of the Romanoff camp.

Dems to hold unity rally Thursday

In the wake of a race that saw attacks ads slung and supporters clashing between former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and Sen. Michael Bennet, the Colorado Democratic Party put out a press release this morning announcing it was hosting a unity party on the West Steps of the Capitol noon Thursday.
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