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Boyles: Spanish-language National Guard recruitment part of globalist plot

KHOW talk-radio host Peter Boyles Monday agreed with a caller that the National Guard NFL playoff TV advertisements in Spanish were designed to attract...


Opponents of the Army's plan to vastly expand its Pi

Bob Schaffer on Pi

When it comes to Pi

Lamborn On Property Rights: Champion Or Chump?

Last year, Congressman Doug Lamborn made it clear how he felt about the government seizing private property from individuals. In a position paper, the...


United States Army Maj. Gen. Wes Clark suggests that Coloradans should stand up and hand over a hunk of land nearly the size of...

Pinon Canyon Fight Goes To Court

Opponents to the US Army's Pinon Canyon expansion have filed papers in federal district court alleging that the military has balked at responding to...
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