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Coloradans will soon be sick of Trump winning, says Trump

Get ready, Coloradans: Soon you’ll be calling your lawmakers to ask Trump to stop winning so much. That, of course, is according to The...

Voting on Election Day in Colorado? Here’s what you need to...

It will likely take planning, preparation and perseverance to get through the longest ballot in Colorado history amid unprecedented turnout for the historic 2008 election. Even though more than half of the state's active voters have already cast a ballot, it all comes down to Election Day, when as many as one million Colorado residents will trek to their local polling place and exercise their right to vote.

Obama eulogizes grandmother: ‘She was one of those quiet heroes’

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama broke into tears in front of a crowd of 25,000 at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte as he broke the news that his grandmother Madelyn Dunham had died Sunday night in Hawaii. "She was a quiet hero," Obama said of the woman who raised him as a young boy. On the eve of the election, wiping tears from his cheeks, Obama told the crowd, "In just one more day, we have the opportunity to honor all those quiet heroes all across America."

PBS, YouTube team up to urge Americans to ‘Video Your Vote’

As Election Day approaches, PBS and YouTube have announced the creation of Video Your Vote, a site that gathers videotaped voting experiences for the world to see. PBS' Judy Woodruff invites votersto shoot "the energy and excitement, as well as any problems you may see" and share the footage on YouTube. "Some of the most compelling videos will be included in PBS's election coverage," she says.

McCain robocall: Obama’s a big-spending Democrat

Just four days before the election, Republican presidential nominee John McCain's campaign hits Colorado telephones with a new robocall that sounds almost sweet in comparison to earlier McCain calls that linked Barack Obama to domestic terrorism and questioned his patriotism. The robocall, paid for by McCain-Palin and the Republican National Committee, warns voters that the Democratic candidate's promise of change rings hollow because the Chicago politician is — well, a politician.

Obama whomps McCain in PPP poll, up by 17 points in...

It's all over but the voting, and most of that is already over too, according to a Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey of Colorado voters released early Friday morning. "Barack Obama's already just about won the race for President in Colorado," PPP pollster Tom Jensen wrote, pointing to the Democrat's 17-point lead over Republican John McCain among the state's early voters and 10-point lead overall.

Poll: Obama ahead by 8 points in Colorado, wins Hispanics 4-to-1

Barack Obama is "firmly ahead" in the hard-fought contest for Colorado's nine electoral votes, polling 53 percent to John McCain's 45 percent, according to a Politico/Insider Advantage poll released Tuesday night. Obama and McCain, however, are statistically tied in bellwether Jefferson County — unchanged since two weeks ago — the poll found.

Obama outraises McCain in GOP stronghold Colorado Springs

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has raised tens of thousands of dollars more than his Republican counterpart, John McCain, in the heavily Republican Colorado Springs region, according to an analysis of campaign finance records by The Gazette. Even though the area boasts twice as many registered Republicans as Democrats, Obama raised $265,920 vs. McCain's $202,626 from the start of the campaign through August.

Obama map tracks ‘under the radar’ attacks in Colorado

Taking a cue from Talking Points Memo, the Obama campaign put up an interactive map on Friday to track "some of the most toxic attacks" from the McCain campaign in the form of robocalls and printed material in Colorado and other battleground states.

Palin thanks ‘prayer warriors’ in Dobson interview

In a wide-ranging discussion with Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin says she believes God brought her Down Syndrome child, Trig, into her life to help the "hardcore pro-lifer" movement. The interview was taped Monday during Palin's visit to Colorado Springs and airs Wednesday on Christian radio stations.
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