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INVESCO dispatches: Obama liveblog

Here we go...

McCain to Obama: “Job well done”

In an ad set to air Thursday night during coverage of Barack Obama's acceptance speech, John McCain congratulates the Illinois senator and notes this "historic day," a reference to the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

INVESCO dispatches: The headliners are up

Al Gore gets a raucous reception from the 75,000 strong at INVESCO. More on the flipside. 6:49 p.m.: Gore slams McCain on environment and green economy Where...

UPDATED: Obama speech leaked: Will ‘fix broken policies’

Filing a dispatch for newspapers with very early deadlines, the AP reports that Barack Obama delivered a "historic" speech, three hours before Obama is scheduled to speak, relying on excerpts released Thursday afternoon.

INVESCO dispatches: Opening acts

The Yonder Mountain String Band, always a favorite in Nederland, took the stage about 30 minutes ago to a quarter-full stadium. It's a bit of chaos down there at INVESCO but at least they've got good music to groove to. More insider info inside...

Wounded vet backs Obama at DNC

Wounded Iraq war veteran and Blackhawk helicopter pilot Tammy Duckworth added her military credentials to the list of Obama supporters who know a thing or two about the military.

Obama-rama: Hordes of vendors bank on souvenir sales

Some of Denver’s 50,000 DNC guests may realize they’ve been remiss about owning a flag pin, or that their bathroom has always been missing that John McCain toilet paper, or that the perfect birthday present for Grandma is an “Obama Mama” T-shirt when they arrive for the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Hundreds of vendors of convention-related wares hope so, anyway.

Q Poll: Obama leads by 5, Udall by 10, A46 by...

Round one of Poll-a-Palooza from Quinnipiac University. From AP: A new poll shows Barack Obama leading John McCain among Colorado voters by 5 percentage points. The Quinnipiac...
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