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Tancredo calls SCOTUS nominee Sotomayor a racist

In yet another offensive statement, for which he will no doubt refuse to repudiate, former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo said today that U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor is a racist. Crooks and Liars.com supplies the jaw-dropping video of Tancredo's remarks on MSNBC's "The Ed Show":

Bennet: Sotomayor nod ‘historic,’ a ‘tremendous choice’ for high court

One of the two Coloradans who will actually have a vote whether Judge Sonia Sotomayor sits on the Supreme Court applauded the nomination Tuesday. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat, heaped praise on Sotomayor in a statement, calling her pick "historic" because she could be the first Hispanic on the court.

Arguello confirms she’s been approached about Supreme Court seat

A Denver federal judge who grew up in southern Colorado confirms she could be under consideration for nomination to the Supreme Court, the Pueblo...

Denver judge could be on Obama’s short list for Supreme Court...

U.S. District Court Judge Christine Arguello, named to the bench for the District of Colorado by President George W. Bush last fall, tops the...

Salazar could be considered in push to name Hispanic Supreme Court...

While Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar's prospects for a cabinet position dim — he says he's not interested — Hispanic legal advocates says it's time the U.S. Supreme Court included a Hispanic justice, and the Democratic congressman's name makes the short list. “What more unifying appointment could there be than a Hispanic justice?” former Hispanic National Bar Association President Carlos Ortiz asks the Legal Times' Tony Mauro. "It’s not just the right thing to do, but we deserve it. I can’t imagine that the next appointment will go to someone other than a Hispanic.”

AG Suthers argues water before the Supremes

John Suthers, Colorado’s Attorney General, is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court today to go to battle with Kansas in a dispute over water that has been going on for more than a century. It is the first time that Suthers, formerly the U.S. Attorney for Colorado, former head of the Department of Corrections, former 5th Judicial District Attorney and recent correspondent from the Republican National Convention, has been before the highest court in the land.

Palin fumbles question on Supreme Court decisions, endorses privacy right

Maybe she really doesn't read newspapers. In an exchange that has had pundits buzzing for days -- before anyone outside CBS News had even seen it -- Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin squirms and spouts mildly connected phrases when asked to name a Supreme Court decision that she disagrees with by CBS anchor Katie Couric, in an interview airing Wednesday evening.

Don’t forget the Supreme Court

The Alliance for Justice held a panel discussion today in the Big Tent, and for once this progressive organization had something in common with conservatives: plenty of doom, gloom and fear about the future.

Colorado Dems Decry Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald and Sen. Betty Boyd released statements today criticizing the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling to uphold the federal, so-called Partial Birth...
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