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Denver Archbishop Chaput rallies support to sanction pro-choice Catholic politicians

Denver Archbishop Chaput asked Notre Dame University Catholics this weekend to press for Church policy that would deny communion to U.S. Catholic politicians who support pro-choice or pro-gay rights positions. The speech comes in the wake of surveys that show most Catholics don't agree with Chaput on the issues.

Vocal Archbishop Chaput so far silent on Church sex scandal

The latest chapter in a widening scandal of Catholic Church pedophelia and cover-up that counts thousands of victims on two continents unfolded spectacularly last...

Misquoted on bishops and health reform, DeGette draws ire of bloggers

Colorado U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette drew venom from conservative and Catholic bloggers yesterday for comments she made to ABC on the role Catholic bishops...

Catholic bishops silent on private insurance and abortion

Catholic leadership has worked to block health care reform mostly by arguing that Democratic plans fail to guard against public funding for abortions. ...

Wary of abortion funding, Denver Archbishop supports health reform

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, no friend to President Obama, published a column last week restating the larger Catholic Bishops' stance on health reform. For...
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