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A closet within a closet

Unique Taylor doesn’t officially exist. That’s because the 37-year-old, convicted for a drug-manufacturing conspiracy, is trapped, quite literally, in two of the most extreme...

Inmate assaults visitors at federal prison

Two visitors were assaulted by an inmate at a federal prison in Florence on Sunday, adding to a dramatic surge in violent attacks that have plagued the prison since April.

More reports of violence point to ailing federal prison system

Deadly assaults in federal penitentiaries are on the rise and they aren't exclusive to Colorado. Following reports that an inmate was stabbed to death in August at the U.S. Penitentiary in the southern city of Florence, there is news from another federal lockup that a guard was assaulted and stabbed multiple times this month, lending credence to correctional workers' claims that the entire system is an understaffed tinderbox.
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