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Vail Daily launches new weekly newspaper in preemptive strike at competition

A new weekly newspaper launching in Vail next week already has competition in the form of a preemptive publishing strike from Vail Daily Editor and Publisher Don Rogers, who tells the Colorado Independent he already launched his own new weekly Thursday afternoon.

Vail newspaper to launch next week

Here’s a sentence you don’t see much these days: A new newspaper will hit the streets Thursday. Erin Chavez, former Associate Publisher of the Vail Mountaineer, which closed in June along with the Denver Daily News, will launch a weekly called “Sneak Peak Vail.”

Pro-business Denver Daily News, Vail Mountaineer cite lack of business, shut...

Accused by a former business partner of being a “news wuss” and by one of his former editors of lacking “journalistic standards, ethics and principles,” Denver Daily News and Vail Mountaineer owner Jim Pavelich took the high road today in announcing he was shutting down both newspapers.

Newspaper launches Web site but refuses to post actual news

The Colorado newspaper that leads the field in front-page stories about itself uncorked a doozy on Thursday, announcing that nearly a year after first launching its print version last June the Vail Mountaineer was grudgingly joining the online community. But, the paper owned by the publisher of the Denver Daily News will not actually post any breaking news on its site in order to force readers to pick up the print version and read all the ads in between the stories.

Startup Paper, Vail Mountaineer, Hopes to Scale New Journalistic Heights

In the Vail Valley of yesteryear, where Jim Pavelich first cut his teeth in publishing, no news really was good news.Pavelich was a waiter...
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