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We’re not kidding. Colorado’s ballot is huge.

Did we mention that Colorado's 18 issue ballot this year is long? As in, the longest in the country? And the longest in Colorado since 1912? We did? Well, here's something new to chew on. The two states pulling in second and third places -- Oregon and California -- don't even come close to touching our massive, large-and-in-charge ballot. Those states count a meager 12 questions on each of their ballots. Hell, Colorado beat that back in 1992, when voters weighed in on a record 13 questions. That was the longest ballot in recent memory. But now, Colorado has unearthed this leviathan ballot. In fact, the ballot is so big that it's impossible for us to continue our ballot run-down in neatly themed packages.

Ward Connerly’s Anti-Affirmative Action Machine

Just who is Ward Connerly and why does he want to change Colorado's Constitution?Twelve years ago, Connerly was the public face of California's Proposition...

Amendment 31: Fighting Misleading Petitioners Isn’t Easy

Tracy Sear's interactions with two Amendment 31 petition circulators occurred on Feb. 8 and Feb. 9. "The first time I was coming out of...

‘Basically, They Lied To Me’

Every day at the light rail stop at Auraria campus in downtown Denver, Chloe Johnson encounters a handful of petitioners gathering signatures. "Would you...

31 Versus 61: Flip Sides Of The Discrimination Coin

Amendment 31, meet Amendment 61 - otherwise known as Colorado civil rights activists' answer to California millionaire Ward Connerly's efforts to outlaw affirmative action...

Amendment 31: Civil Rights Or Civil Wrongs?

The paid petition circulators are already out in force. Standing with their clipboards in front of King Soopers and Safeway and Target stores, they...
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