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Evangelical author rallies votes for Obama in Colorado Springs

New York Times bestselling author Don Miller is the latest nationally known evangelical Christian to head into what is considered by many the heart of conservative evangelism — Colorado Springs — to deliver the message that Christians should expand their focus beyond hot-button social issues like abortion and same sex marriage.

Lessons From 1996: Remember Bob Dole?

While we're all waiting for James Dobson to make up his mind whether to crown Mike Huckabee "Mr. GOP 2008," let's consider the last...

Brownback Out: Dobson Has Six Left

Sam Brownback is unpinning his hope on the White House for '08 - which for those who are paying attention to such things leaves...

Faith, Freedom, and Fissures in the Right Wing Veneer

The cream of the right wing will gather in Washington this weekend to join entertainer Lee Greenwood and top GOP presidential candidates in showering...
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