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Group calls on Coloradans to occupy the infrastructure

Citing persistent double-digit unemployment in the construction sector, a coalition of labor groups called Colorado Wants to Work is joining in a "national day of action" today to focus attention on crumbling infrastructure around the country. The group is meeting with supporters under the 6th Avenue Bridge in Denver, which is one of 145 bridges in the Denver metro area "red tagged" as structurally deficient by Transportation for America.

When is a czar not a czar?

With an assist from Politico, which has completely bought into Glenn Beck’s campaign against “czars” — on Monday, the publication sketched out a “GOP...

Far-right website gains influence in Obama era

On April 12, the conservative Website WorldNetDaily published an expose on newly appointed White House “green czar” Van Jones that labeled the environmental activists “an admitted radical communist and black nationalist leader.” The story was based on reputable sources, but the WorldNetDaily author gave it a typically sinister spin.

Author seeks to renew through ‘Green Collar Economy’

Van Jones, author of the forthcoming book “The Green Collar Economy,” told a Denver audience Monday that the future of revitalizing this country’s spirit, economy and quality of life can be found by developing jobs in alternative energy.

UPDATED: What will the ‘Green Economy’ look like?

In Denver, Colo., Tom Plant, director of the Governor's Energy Office, is practically giddy. It's just days before the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Colorado's biggest city, and a long-sought goal in Gov. Bill Ritter's New Energy Economy program has just been met: Vestas, the Danish wind-turbine manufacturer, has announced its plan to open a new manufacturing plant just outside the city limits — its second in the state.
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