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Hickenlooper signs controversial open records elections bill

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper today signed a controversial bill that would restrict public access to government records, including ballots. Advocacy, elections and government watchdog groups across the political spectrum had called on Hickenlooper to veto the bill and have signaled their intent to file suit against the state if it should become law.

Controversial Colorado Open Records bill draws calls for veto

The bill was never really debated in the Senate where it was introduced, then it was tacked on to a House bill amid the blizzard of activity that marked the last days of the Colorado legislative session. Government watchdog and elections groups on the right and left are now asking Gov. John Hickenlooper to veto it, arguing the bill would deny citizens the right to inspect voter ballots and "gut" the state's Open Records Act.

Guv Brewer vetoes TABOR bill in Ariz, cites ‘failed experiment’ in...

Controversial Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer gave a boost to opponents of Colorado's Taxpayer Bill of Rights when she vetoed a similar proposal in her state Thursday, saying "unreasonable spending limits" become irrelevant and a burden. She pointed to budget wrangling and overrides in Colorado as evidence that the nearly 20-year-old Taxpayer Bill of Rights experiment here is a failure.

Ritter shoots down farm-truck bill on environmental, financial grounds

Gov. Bill Ritter Monday vetoed his first bill of the 2010 legislative session, shooting down House Bill 1101 (pdf), which would have removed the...

Labor livid over Ritter veto of bill on collective bargaining for...

Labor leaders came out swinging after Gov. Bill Ritter on Thursday vetoed a bill passed by fellow Democrats that would have allowed firefighters to bargain collectively in Colorado communities where voters have rejected the possibility. It's the second time in two weeks Ritter has crossed unions by vetoing a bill backed by Democrats.

If Health Insurance Veto Stands, Supporters Could Fall

The number of votes still needed to override the president's veto of expanded kids' health insurance  keeps changing. But 48 hours from a House...

Ritter Vetoes Union Bill

In a surprise move, Gov. Bill Ritter vetoed HB-1072 "Concerning the Elimination of the Requirements for a Vote Ratifying an All-Union Agreement." Full text...