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Wiretap: USA endures DC gas bags; Colorado caps methane

National Journal Poll: Americans (still) hate their representatives. The president has slipped to 38 percent approval, from 52 percent just after he was elected. He can't begin to compete with Congress, which has an approval rating of 9.

Denver Archbishop Chaput: In video game ruling, court ignored lesson of...

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput has weighed in on the recent Supreme Court decision (pdf) that struck down a law banning the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. His arguments in favor of restricting the availability of video games echo his views on gay marriage and civil unions. Government should step in, he says, and bar gay marriage and restrict violent video game availability based on the "common sense" threats they pose. In opening an essay on the topic, Chaput references the 1999 Columbine school shootings.

Electronic Arts bows to pressure, makes minor change to ‘offensive’ video...

Electronic Arts today announced that it has responded to pressure from veterans and families of soldiers and made a change to its upcoming Medal...

Churches Lure Youth with Halo 3

This guest commentary by Mike Connery of Future Majority offers a revealing glimpse at how the conservative movement is now co-opting the very cultural...
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