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Wiretap: Video: Sandra Bland’s arresting cop: “I will light you up”

Shedding light The Sandra Bland dash-cam arrest video has been released, and it shows Bland being threatened with a Taser and the arresting cop saying,...

Lawmakers debate the right to record and keep footage of police

A 12-year old girl in Golden shoots cellphone video of an arrest. Police cuff her and take her phone. A man outside a Lakeside...

Taking a spin through Michael Hancock’s shiny happy Denver

Things are looking good for Denver in Mayor Michael Hancock’s first election ad of the season – especially for him. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who...

Troubling new video shows excessive force was ordered at Denver jail

  Days after Mayor Michael Hancock ousted Gary Wilson as Denver’s sheriff, a new video underscores the depth of excessive force problems that led to...

You Can Play: Colorado teen athletes tackle homophobia

The semi-awkwardness of these high school athlete allies makes their message all the more poignant.

VIDEO: Obama campaign celebrates 6th anniversary of ‘Romneycare’

The Obama for America reelection campaign Thursday released a video celebrating the sixth anniversary of the Massachusetts healthcare-reform law championed by then-Governor Mitt Romney. The video revels in irony, a low-key soundtrack tinkling beneath footage of Romney proudly presenting the bill atop an enormous custom-built riser. Romney's advisors recall candidly how the governor believed the law would catapult him as a statesman onto the national stage.

VIDEO: Fracking sand air emissions caught on tape in Garfield County

Citizen activists in the natural gas drilling hotspot of western Garfield County, Colo., apparently caught Halliburton employees on tape working in and around a cloud of hydraulic fracturing sand emanating from tanker trucks near a Williams natural gas well pad in Parachute last week.

Palin calls criticism of crosshairs ad in wake of Giffords shooting...

Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin broke her silence on the Gabrielle Giffords shooting earlier today, posting a video on her Facebook page that will no doubt only add to the controversy.

Boyles posts sexist video, says he’s looking for trouble

On KHOW's Peter Boyles Show today, Boyles decided to jump on board the latest viral video by posting a clip that has been called...

Ritter: Next governor must embrace new energy economy

DENVER-- Governor Ritter told the Colorado Independent Friday that the state's new-energy economy must continue to grow whether a Republican or a Democrat is elected governor this year. Ritter made the statement after signing into law the final bills (Video Here) of his four-year term today, capping his legacy under the banner of the new energy economy.
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