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Romanoff sets record straight on CPR financial reform story

A 5 o'clock report by Colorado Public Radio (CPR) yesterday caused a stir in the Democratic Primary race for Senate after reporting Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff would have voted against the Wall Street reform package that just passed the Senate. Politicos jumped across the Democratic spectrum, noting the positive aspects of the bill that potentially would have been extinguished had the former State House Speaker voted against the bill. However, Romanoff told the Colorado Independent that CPR got it wrong explaining that he would have voted for the bill but thought it could have gone a lot further. CPR said that there was a miscomunication with the Romanoff camp and said they were wrong in their assertion he would not have voted for the bill.

John Paulson, central to Goldman deal, buys Aspen home

Prominent – some say infamous - hedge fund manager John Paulson has found a great place to invest some of the reported $1 billion...

Will Dems push climate change bill next in wake of Gulf...

So with what was supposed to be slam-dunk Wall Street reform finally off their plate the Senate will turn to critical climate change...
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