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Colorado could move to clear pre-legalization marijuana convictions statewide as soon...

Boulder’s district attorney last week announced plans to vacate and seal thousands of convictions for marijuana possession prior to the drug’s legalization in 2012....

Littwin: Gardner gets high on his brief foray into dissent

Cory Gardner was steamed. He was miffed. He was, as the twitterverse had it, lit. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had just declared a new front...

Wiretap: Hancock bans travel to Indiana; red flag fire warnings; goodbye...

Travel Ban Roiled by Indiana's discriminatory religious freedom bill, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has banned all "non-essential, city-funded travel" to the state. "Hancock announced the...

Pot-tax vote, another step on Colorado’s legalization rollout

Colorado continues to plow into the future of recreational marijuana use as residents begin to vote on Proposition AA, a tax measure that would fund pot-industry regulation enforcement here.

VIDEO: Colombia President Santos calls for new look at War on...

Another Latin American president has called for a conversation about the U.S.-sponsored war on drugs during the sixth Summit of the Americas, which takes place next week in Cartagena, Colombia.

VIDEO: Colorado police, judges champion drug legalization

Hundreds of law enforcement professionals including Denver's U.S. District Judge John Kane have come together on a curious quest: Saying the drug war has failed, they want to legalize drugs.

ACLU endorses marijuana legalization in Colorado

The ACLU of Colorado Thursday announced it has endorsed the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol.

Polis, Suthers spar on impacts of marijuana legalization in Colorado, Mexico

Congressman Jared Polis and drug-policy reform advocate Ethan Nadelmann argued Wednesday night in Vail that one of the most compelling reasons to legalize marijuana in the United States is to eliminate a major funding source for deadly Mexican drug cartels. Both Colorado Attorney General John Suthers and recently retired DEA agent Anthony Coulson sharply disagreed.

This just in: War on drugs has failed

Breaking news: The war on drugs has failed. The Global Commission on Drug Policy released its report a few days ago, and it isn't pretty. Drug use of all kinds is up sharply over the last decade, even as governments spend billions to stop it. When one supply chain is interrupted, another fills the gap, seemingly within minutes.

White House moving away from ‘war on drugs’

Quietly, free of headlines and fanfare, the Obama White House is toning down the bellicose “war-on-drugs” position that has defined U.S. narcotics policy for the last 25 years. In Vienna last week for the 53rd annual United Nations meeting on global drug policy, administration officials shifted from attacking drug use as a crime to be penalized and moved toward a strategy of tackling addiction as an illness to be treated, a number of health and human rights advocates who attended the event said.

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