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Udall Endorses Brennan for CIA Director, Underlines Need for Greater Oversight

In the wake of an historic Senate filibuster over the murky U.S. laws governing drone strikes, Colorado Senator Mark Udall on Thursday urged his colleagues to confirm John Brennan as the new director of the CIA.

Olbermann: Former black ops analyst says NSA spied on journalists

A former National Security Agency intelligence analyst told MSNBC host Keith Olbermann Wednesday night that the secretive surveillance agency spied on journalists, including New York Times reporters, Square State's Johne posts. NSA whistleblower Russell Tice, who told ABC News he was a source for a New York Times story on warrantless eavesdropping, told Olbermann he helped "filter" communications data to identify specific domestic targets for surveillance.

Rumors: Congress to investigate Bush in Obama Era?

Here’s something interesting from my favorite new Washington gossip blog, Unattributable:
According to one Democratic senator, the Senate Judiciary Committee has been discussing the possibility of holding major hearings to examine the activities of the Bush Administration. The form and scope of such hearings have yet to be determined, but this senator, and member of the Senate Judicial Committee, is pressing for something along the lines of Church-Pike–a bicameral endeavor that would address the full range of executive misdeeds.

Nacchio Conviction Overturned; Bloggers Raise FISA-Telcom Immunity Questions

The news media is tripping over itself to rush coverage of today's surprise federal appeals court decision that ex-Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio should get...
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