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Wiretap: Nation eyes Los Angeles’ $15 minimum-wage experiment

Numbers game The big jump in L.A. in the minimum wage to $15 by 2020 doesn't just mean a big raise for a lot of...

Wiretap: Minimum wage hike popular with public, good for economy, likely...

According to a National Journal poll, Americans overwhelmingly (71 percent) want a hike in the minimum wage. What do you think Congress will do? OK, you know what Congress will do -- nothing.

America’s super-rich pay super-low taxes

As Tax Day looms, several recent reports serve as reminders that the wealthiest Americans give up far less of their income in taxes than the rest of the country.

Billionaire Buffet: Tax me, please; trickle down doesn’t work

Warren Buffet is a billionaire businessman who once asked California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to raise taxes on the rich. The wealthy governor ignored...
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