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Wadhams plays down Rick Perry as last best hope for Republicans...

In a piece that surveys Republican establishment players on the GOP presidential primary field, which has drawn half-hearted commitments among big donors, the Washington Post says Texas Governor Rick Perry is making a lot of moves that signal he's ready to take the leap. The GOP players Perry has been spending hours calling up tell him the field remains wide open. In the end, though, the Post writers land on former Colorado Republican Party Chair Dick Wadhams, who is measured in his response. Indeed, after the licks Wadhams took in Tea Party Colorado last year, he sounds almost circumspect.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist reveals he’s undocumented

Jose Antonio Vargas, who wrote for the Washington Post and shared a Pulitzer Prize for the paper’s coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings, came out as an undocumented immigrant in a New York Times Magazine story that went live this morning.

Palin: Shun science’s ‘politicized agenda’

One of the perks of political rock star-dom is that you get to write pretty much whatever you want and the nation’s leading newspapers...

Cash-hungry Washington Post wants in on lobbyist largesse

How will newspapers survive? Maybe by finally coming out and admitting to the role reporters and editors have been sliding into for years now. In other words, Why sell journalism that targets the power elite when you can sell cozy access to the power elite, including of course high-profile reporters and editors? The sad news today is that the Washington Post has decided to begin charging lobbyists and executives a bundle to meet in congenial settings with media people and their lawmaker friends. As the Washington Post flier pitching the program puts it: "An evening with the right people can alter the debate." How true.