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Trump team releases plan to move BLM headquarters to Grand Junction...

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration revealed sweeping plans on Tuesday to dismantle and disperse the Bureau of Land Management, sending its current headquarters staff...

News Poetry: Seventeen lines for Parkland

After seventeen Comes eighteen And the students Feel the strength Of their years, Armed with ballots Not bullets. Greedy geriatrics Will be free To golf every day As a new generation Nails their diplomas On Washington’s...

Washington medical Green with envy as Colorado moves to retail

Shy Sadis is the owner and founder of The Joint, one of Seattle's dankest medical marijuana outfits. He's been in the business 4 years and owns 5 stores. He's looking to expand to California, Nevada, Colorado and — of course — into the recreational market slated to open this spring in Washington. That last one might be the trickiest.

Wiretap: Explaining the Big Fail; trolling conservatives works

A short guide to Washington dysfunction, because no one reads long anymore, and the long guide would be really, really long.

Oil shale opponents’ DC ‘fly-in’ seeks to expose never-ending ‘science project’

Opponents of oil shale development in western Colorado, Wyoming and Utah participated in a “fly-in” to Washington, D.C. this week to push for increased federal oversight of the still-unproven form of energy that would consume huge amounts of water and conventional power.

GOP gamble? Failed unemployment bill means more unemployment

The failure of the unemployment extension bill, which also included additional federal funding for Medicaid and many more important provisions, will not...

Bennet’s fourth campaign TV ad: Kids and backyard playsets

There was the anti-Washington ad. There was the small business ad. There were others. They were all pretty dull. This one is not dull....

Mr. Chilton goes to Washington

He's not in the grave yet but he's likely spinning already. The Colorado Independent is late coming to this today, but indie rocker and...

Anti-tax movement ponders two big defeats

Election night was bittersweet for Andrew Moylan. The young government affairs manager of the conservative National Taxpayers Union was watching returns in Asheville, N.C., with fellow attendees of the conservative State Policy Network’s annual meeting. Early in the night, the gubernatorial races in Virginia and then New Jersey went to the Republicans. Moylan, however, was watching the returns on two anti-tax, anti-spending ballot measures in Maine and Washington. Those weren’t turning out so well.

“I care a lot less about Republicans than I do about policy,” Moylan said. “So it was depressing to watch those numbers come in.”

Jobless benefits extension muddled by lawmaker wrangling

Mike Lillis at the Washington Independent sends the following dispatch from the frontlines in the partisan war to extend benefits to the vast ranks...
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